The Lure of a Well-Muscled Chest

We all know the perfect mate needs to be blessed with more than just a pair of strong hands and a broad, well-muscled chest to fill our days and nights with the kind of long-lasting love we ultimately want. It’s a man’s intelligence, generosity and sense of humor that will ultimately keep the home fires burning long after the pitter patter of our flustered heart dies down.Heart_to_Heart
Still, there’s nothing quite like that initial, spine-tingling, butterfly-inducing, sexual attraction. And who doesn’t love a man with a broad chest and strong hands? In Edie and the CEO, author Mary Hughes deftly captures the pull of her hero’s raw magnetism with this passage:
“If Mr. Kirk were here—”
“Mr. Kirk,” a deep voice rang with power, “is here. And I want to know what, precisely, is going on.”
Filling the opening of Edie’s cubicle was a blood–red silk tie, snow–white shirt, and perfectly–cut pinstriped suit—elegant packaging for the raw breadth of an exceedingly masculine chest.
Edward Everett Kirk.
Charleton Heston would have been jealous of Kirk’s high forehead, straight nose, strong mouth and square jaw. The gleaming wingtips and foil–thin gold watch were just added insult. Mr. Ultra–Executive.
Except for a neat chestnut ponytail and square workman’s hands.
Edie found those elements a startling…intriguing…annoying contradiction. She shivered, stifled it. Something about Kirk pushed all her buttons.

Edie isn’t the only one attracted to the “raw breadth of a masculine chest.” In my novel Hot Off the Press, Leigh is fascinated by the hero’s big hands and broad chest from the very first moment she lays eyes on him.

Her glance traveled from the big, well-tanned hands stroking the dog, up a pair of worn blue jeans and white T-shirt to a shock of coarse black hair. His jet-black locks reminded her of another man’s – well he’d been barely more than a boy really. A wild, skinny, dark-haired teenager called David. Impulse made her pull off her glasses and toss them into her purse just before he turned to look at her.
The stranger stood and let his gaze wander up from her shoes to her eyes. Why the hell had she taken her glasses off? Without them she could just make out the contours of his face. Despite the blur she could tell he was one hell of a looker. But this man couldn’t be David. He was big, salt of the earth big, and well over six feet. She stared, until she realized the stranger was staring back, silent.

Will Edie succumb to Mr. Kirk’s obvious charm? Is the sexy stranger with the strong hands really the skinny teenager Leigh used to love?

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