5 Questions with Author Kristina Knight

A week after my baby girl was born, I found out my debut novel would be published by Crimson Romance, a division of Adam’s Media.  In a few short weeks, two of my lifelong dreams had finally come true!

Twenty-five authors participated in the launch of the new romance imprint, and for many, June 4th, 2011 marked the beginning of a new, long-awaited chapter in their writing careers.  Today, I’m pleased to introduce you to author Kristina Knight.  Her book What a Texas Girl Wants is a perfect blend of witty family drama and steamy romance – and left this girl wanting more!

Here are her answers to my top five burning questions:

Méline:  Writers are often told, “Write what you know.” How much of what you write stems from your experience?

Kristina:  Great question. I think a lot of what I write stems from my experiences – not necessarily my work experiences, but I draw on events from my life. My mom tells me I’m like an actress because when I’m writing an emotional scene I totally go into my own history to get into a similar emotional place. That doesn’t mean I use those personal experiences, though, in the writing just my own emotional reaction. Music also helps me get into that emotional place, sometimes, so music plays a big part in my process.

Méline: Once you have your premise, what’s your process?  Are you a plotter or a “pantser” going with your instincts as you write?

Kristina: I’m a hybrid – I call myself a pant-lotter. I was a total pantster when I started out writing, but after writing myself into too many corners to count, I adjusted a little. Now, I write an outline of where I *think* the book will go and start writing. Very rarely do my outlines match up with the final book, events change and sometimes even the sequence gets messed up a bit, but it does help me get an idea of where I want to go and what I want to explore in each book.

Méline: What or who inspires you to write romance?

Kristina:  My love for the genre. I’m a sap, according to my husband. I cry during music videos, movies, commercials. I should seriously buy stock in Kimberly Clark because I’m certain my use of Kleenex totally keeps them in the black. I love reading about two people falling in love, coming to terms with their wants and needs and becoming ‘whole’. Writing them is the same – I get to experience that falling-in-love feeling from my own love story again, I’m reminded how lucky I am and I always learn something through the process about myself.

Méline:  What is it about cowboys that makes your heart melt?

Kristina:  What doesn’t? The cowboys I’ve met – and there have been many, I’m a transplanted country girl! – are heroic, funny, sexy, silly, loyal and perfectionists. They know what they want and they go after it, even when someone tells them no. What’s not to love about that? Plus, they really know how to fill out a pair of blue jeans.

Méline:  George Clooney or Brad Pitt.  Why?

Kristina:  George from any of the Ocean’s movies. I just love a smart guy. And the way he looks in a tux doesn’t hurt, either.

ImageAbout What a Texas Girl Wants:

Kathleen Witte is a down-to-earth girl. She has to be, with the family ranch on the verge of success. After seven months of keeping it all together by swearing off men, however, Kathleen needs a bit of fun in the sun. Waking up with a husband she can’t remember isn’t how she planned to blow off steam.

The last thing Jackson Taylor wants in his life is a down-to-earth girl. He has four weeks of freedom in which to find his birth mother. He’s done well avoiding commitment until now, so when he wakes up on a Mexican beach with Kathleen his first reaction is curiosity. When he spies the matching wedding rings on their left hands curiosity turns to concern.

Neither Jackson nor Kathleen want to stay married, but when her family shows up, they have no choice. Once back in Texas, however, can they keep this all-business marriage from turning into an all-consuming love?


3 thoughts on “5 Questions with Author Kristina Knight

  1. “Pant-lotter” – That word is *so* you! Congratulations on not being stuck in a mold and finding your own process. It obviously works – I loved Texas Girl!

  2. I will never forget that interview you did with Adriana Moraes, K. Cowoys are just…delish, aren’t they?

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